White Box

 Emile Pandolfi

with Vocalist Dana Russell 

Emile Pandolfi is a highly regarded performer known for his mesmerizing live shows and sophistication as an artist. Born in New York, a classically trained pianist, an instrument he took up at the age of five, he earned a degree in piano performance, but turned to popular music. Pandolfi performed in England and Australia before landing base in Los Angeles, where he would arrange compositions for dancing, acting, and opera coaches, cruise ships, and dance clubs. Most notably, his impeccability led him to be one of four pianists to record the anthem “Rhapsody In Blue” to be played at the opening ceremonies for the 1984 Olympics. His work is in such high demand that his various material of Broadway show tunes, standards, and film scores have lead Pandolfi to sell nearly two million albums worldwide. His album roster also includes the critically acclaimed Please Welcome… (1993), Nights on Broadway (1994), and Evening Romance (2000). Dana Russell, guest vocalist with Emile Pandolfi, received her first serious vocal training at the Fine Arts Center and later at Columbia College. After graduation she moved to New York, landing major roles in Showboat, The Fantasticks, Sweeney Todd, West Side Story and Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris.



November, 2017

Artisan Greens and Petite Scarlet Kale with Roasted Butternut Squash, Spiced Pumpkin Seeds, Dried Cranberries, Cornbread Crouton and Toasted Red Quinoa, with Maple Vinaigrette

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Turkey Roulade with Southern Kale, Local Chevre, and Smoked Pork Belly, Maple Duchess Sweet Potatoes, Citrus Haricot Verts and Roasted Baby Heirloom Carrots; Cranberry and Pinot Jus

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Pumpkin Pie Bar, White Chocolate Mousse and Cinnamon Cream



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Alternative menu by 72 hour advance request for those with food allergies.


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