If he were here with us today, Donald Ross would certainly be proud of the organization he founded in 1939.  He would recognize the tuxedos and cocktail attire and perhaps even the elegant Carolina Hotel venue.  But can you imagine what the old Scot would be thinking as he sat in the audience listening to the “Bee Gees” or “Beach Boys” tribute bands?   How about the “Elvis” or “Rat Pack” tributes?  He was a person of vision, so it’s easy for this writer to conclude that he would be very pleased with the nurturing and evolution over the decades that has taken place of “his” Pinehurst FORUM.

Speaking of evolution, that brings me to the topic of our entertainment.  If you have been a member for any time at all, you have hopefully noticed that our performances are getting more and more entertaining, lively and, just plain fun! It’s important for you to know that the increasingly high quality of our entertainment is strictly a result of the generosity and support of Sponsors in The FORUM Playbill and, of course, our Friends of The FORUM contributors.

In fact, 100% of our contributions from our Playbill sponsors and our Friends of the FORUM supports our entertainment schedule. Yes – 100%! Without their donations, the Pinehurst FORUM would not be able to bring you the spectacular line-up we are offering this coming season: Mark and Maggie O’Connor Duo, Emile Pandolfi, Jersey Seasons, Remember When Rock Was Young, Rumours and Brass Transit-The Musical Legacy of Chicago.

It’s important for all of us to support our Playbill sponsors.  They are our friends and neighbors in the retail, commercial and health community around town: Aberdeen Exterminating, Crossroads Ford, Dental Design Innovations, First Bank, First Health of the Carolinas, Granville Financial, Huntley Design Build, Jim Leach State Farm Insurance Agency, Martha Gentry Home Selling Team, Opulence, Pinehurst Resort & Country Club, Pinehurst Radiology, Southern Prime Steakhouse, St. Joseph of the Pines, The Laser Institute of Pinehurst and WhitLauter by Leann Parker. Please support these great businesses; they help us bring you “good show.”

Equally important to the success of the Pinehurst FORUM are the Friends of the FORUM.  Just two years ago only about 28% of our members became Friends of the FORUM by making an extra contribution.  Last season, that number grew to about 33%.  We are very pleased to report that during the upcoming renewal season, 58% of our members have also become Friends of the FORUM.  To them, and our Playbill sponsors, we say THANK YOU!

Again, 100% of these donations go to securing the best acts we can find for your entertainment. The policy of the Pinehurst FORUM will continue to be: the more funds we raise, the bigger the names we will secure for your entertainment pleasure.

So again, THANK YOU for your support and your contributions. Please continue to be a Friend of The FORUM. Please continue to be a Sponsor in the Playbill and The Pinehurst FORUM will continue to be a unique and precious part of your Pinehurst experience.

Wayne Hicks


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