The FORUM board continues to diligently work towards enhancing our programming and exploring ways to increase the available monies for acquisition of performance talent.

We have been very fortunate over the last few years to sell out our Playbill.  The majority of our membership was very complimentary and our sponsors were very happy with the quality of our Playbill and the attention it provided for their services.  We are proud to report that for our 79th season Playbill  we have added a number of new sponsorships.  We expect a number of repeat and new Playbill sponsors for our 80th season.

Our Friends of the FORUM program was a rousing success once again last year and we intend to retain and build upon that program for our 80th season.  This program allows members to donate funds specifically designated for our talent budget in four giving levels; Angel at $1,000, Investor at $500, Producer at $250, and Director at $100.  Each member who donates has their name printed in the Playbill as recognition of their generosity in attracting talent for our performances.  In addition, Friends of the FORUM are exclusively invited to semi-annual special events such as wine tastings and, whenever available, preferred seating.

Our formal review process with the Pinehurst Hotel continues to be extremely effective and we will continue to refine the coordination of activities for each performance to include the cocktail hour, dinner set up and menu feedback.

We have very high expectations for our 80th season and hope that you will choose to support the FORUM as a member and as a Friend of the FORUM.

Below are some changes and/or reminders you should be aware of as our new season begins:

  • We’ve gone digital!  Rather than our traditional mailings, we have converted to email to communicate with our members.  In addition, we are pointing you to this web site.  It is an excellent source of information, and we recommend you save the link on your computer and visit it regularly. It contains event dates, entertainer bios, monthly menus, member information, contact information, guest policies, special instructions and much more.
  • Please take special note that all deadlines have been advanced to the close of business on the Friday (5pm) prior to our Thursday events.
  • Our cocktail receptions will begin at 5:30 PM. Ballroom doors open at 6:20 PM, we urge you to be in your seats no later than 6:45 PM! This will allow us to serve your food while it is hot and begin our shows on time.
  • You can begin making your reservations for any event, anytime after the previous month’s performance has taken place, by calling Jo Ann Prentiss at (910) 235-8404 or emailing her at   NO RESERVATIONS CAN BE ACCEPTED AFTER 5:00 ON THE FRIDAY PRIOR TO OUR THURSDAY EVENTS.
  • If you wish to have seating with friends or neighbors, please let Jo Prentiss know when you make your reservations and she will work to accommodate your request.
  • Alternative menus must be requested by 5pm on the Friday prior to our Thursday events. Please understand that the Forum dinners are a pre-determined catered event. If you have a dietary restriction due to medical reasons, please contact Jo Ann Prentiss and please limit your special request to medical/dietary requirements. The Resort is unable to accept personal meal preferences for large banquet events. Cost of dinner is $50.00 inclusive, plus any beverage charges at the bar. Members are responsible for full amount unless cancellation is made by 5pm on the Friday prior to our Thursday events.
  • Forum members who are also members of The Pinehurst Resort will have their accounts billed for food and beverages. For non members of The Pinehurst Resort, there will be a one time $15.00 set-up fee in order to set them up for monthly billing for their food and beverage.
  • Because we will be fully booked this season, our guest policy of not confirming guest seats until 7 days before each event will be strictly enforced. Please review our guest policy on the Forum website.
  • Each member can now designate another person to attend any given performance as his or her individual replacement. In addition, there is no limitation on the number of times a member may designate a replacement. Name(s) must be sent in by 5pm on the Friday prior to our Thursday events. The member remains responsible for all charges incurred by the replacement.
  • All guests will be expected to abide by the same dress code and club rules as required of members. Gentlemen must wear a tuxedo and ladies must wear appropriate formal evening attire.